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Rock Climbing In Your House!

In this day and age when kids can be buried into their phones and electronics how about building one of these in the house!!  A rock climbing wall and climbing ceiling!!  Incredible!   The best home for rewilding childhood The best home for rewilding childhood and for when the floor …

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Disfigured Cat Seeking New Family

The Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA (PHS/SPCA) is seeking potential adopters for a two year old female cat who suffered disfigurement on her ears due to a severe case of mange.  The cat, named Rogue is available for adoption at PHS/SPCA’s shelter in Burlingame. “Rogue was brought to our shelter …

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Pet of the Week: Benny

If you were to look up the word chill in the dictionary, you might just find a photo of Benny.  This eleven year old male tabby is the quintessential chill cat.  Benny loves nothing better than to find the most comfy spot and allow his tabby gloriousness to sprawl out …

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