Celeste Perry

Sun 7a-11a

I’m an Island girl—I grew up in Hawaii and moved to the Bay Area shortly after college. My husband and I raised our two sons in Mill Valley and now we lavish all our attention on our little rescue dog,Veto. I’ve been listening to KOIT forever and can’t tell you how happy I am to be part of the family.

I love to cook. Seriously one of my favorite pastimes besides the actual cooking is looking at recipes on Pinterest! When I’m not in the studio or the kitchen you can find me on a trail head or a bike path,curled up on the couch binging on Netflix, reading my latest favorite book, or creating at my craft table.

Like all families, we’ve had our share of personal sorrows, so in memory of my parents I work to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease. We lost my brother-in-law to ALS/Lou Gehrig’s last year and we continue to fight for a cure. And I can’t walk past an animal shelter without wanting to adopt another doggie.

Golden Gate Bridge And Other Road Closures For Marathon

The 40th Annual Marathon is happening Sunday July 23 and race organizers are expecting their biggest crowds ever.  The course runs through San Francisco and naturally that means lots of street closures including all northbound lanes of the Golden Gate Bridge on Sunday morning from 6-9.  To find out the …

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Man Threatens To Call Police Over Lemonade Stand

Isn’t setting up a lemonade stand a rite-of-passage for our kids?  A Discovery  Bay girl set up a lemonade stand–with her parent’s permission–on public property and was approached by a man who asked to see her business license.  She wasn’t able to produce one, so he got on the phone and …

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How Not To Crate Train A Dog

The crate training has begun and while our new dog Lucy sleeps through the night in her little den, she also enjoys sitting atop the cage like a lion, chomping away at one of 78 chew toys scattered around our house. Thank you to the wonderful staff at the Tony La …

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Celeste Perry: Our New Puppy Needs A Name

We found a new baby dog at the Tony LaRussa Animal Rescue Foundation.  Now SHE needs a name.   Our family has had five dogs over the years, so these names have been taken. Consuelo Maya Ginger  Jake Veto (Veto is getting used to his new sister)  Our new girl …

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Best “Doughnuts” Ever

If you love doughnuts, you’re going to love malasadas.  The deep fried dough, rolled in sugar is sometimes to referred to as a Portuguese doughnut. It’s similar to a beignet, only better. Malasadas were the thing we craved after a late night on the town.  The restaurant Aina in San Francisco offers malasadas stuffed …

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