Find a Farmer’s Market Near You

Spring is here and there is an abundance of fresh, locally grown organic produce ready and waiting for you to bring home and feed your family  Here are some great resources to find a local farmer’s market in your neighborhood.  Support Local Farmers

Click here to FIND A BAY AREA MARKET near you, supporting the Pacific Coast Farmer’s Market Association click here .https://www.pcfma.org/visit/markets

Urban Village markets in EAST BAY AND SOUTH BAY click here https://uvfm.org/find-a-market/

MARIN Community Farmer’s Markets click here https://www.marincommunityfarmersmarkets.org/

SAN FRANCISCO FERRY BUILDING MARKET click here  https://cuesa.org/markets

OAKLAND JACK LONDON SQUARE click here https://cuesa.org/markets/jack-london-square-farmers-market

SAN JOSE – JAPANTOWN MARKET click herehttp://www.japantownsanjose.org/market.html

SAN FRANCISCO -CIVIC CENTER MARKET click here http://heartofthecity-farmersmar.squarespace.com/

California Farmer’s Market Assoc, Find a market in bay area here http://www.cafarmersmkts.com/find-your-farmers-market/

MOUNTAIN VIEW Market click here http://www.mountainview.gov/depts/cs/events/farmers.asp




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