Hey there it’s Freska!  What can say?  I love working at KOIT!  I would listen the station with my mom when I was a kid!  When I think of that it puts a smile on my face!!  I was born in San Francisco and lived in the Glen Park district until we moved to good ole foggy Daly City.  My family is spread out all over the Bay Area.  I am often in Vallejo, Newark, San Jose, and up and down the peninsula.

I have 2 daughters in middle school who definitely keep me busy!  Our family time consists of going to museums, parks, and adventures with our American Pitbull Terrior named Jada who has just been a blessing to our family. She gets us outside of the house and off of our phones and computers for some great walks with nature.  I enjoy motorcycles, martial arts, going to the movies, and spending quality Mother/ Daughter time with my girls.   I love many genres of music: R&B,pop, rock, reggae, jazz and soul! ​

Sibling Love

I have 2 daughters in middle school and sometimes I have to play referee.  Earlier this week as I was packing their lunches for school my youngest daughter decided to write a note to her older sister.  It warmed my heart to see this as I know how much they …

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Busy moms can relate!!

Getting a manicure and pedicure can be fun and well kept nails are pretty. However, the reality of getting our nails done on a regular basis is a LUXERY!!  As pretty as they are it can get expensive and time consuming.  For my busy lifestyle, I just don’t have the …

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Filipino Pride and Culture!

Hey there it’s Freska.  This weekend I am proud and thankful to have gotten the chance to host Pistahan 2017 in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Gardens.  It was the festival’s 24th year!!  I am proud to say I am Filipino American and to be able to represent for my people …

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How to tell if it is organic or not!

If it starts with a 9 it’s organic. If it starts with a 4 then it’s all bad unless you want the maximum amount of pesticides and herbicides disrupting your nerves and brain. Organic has the least UNLESS you grow your own stuff which is what I’m starting to do. …

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Starbucks is giving away free macchiatos this week.  So, if it is YOUR turn to treat a co-worker to a cup of mojo this is time to do it.  You can go to any Starbucks in the nation and when you purchase a macchiato you get one free!  It starts today, …

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Sushi Lovers Unite:

My kids and I went to Isobune today in San Francisco’s Japantown.  It is an awesome sushi boat restaurant.  If you are not familiar with what a sushi boat restaurant is they place sushi on little color coded plates that are placed on little boats that “float” by the customer around a huge …

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Dear Daly City Fog, GO AWAY!!!

If you live in Daly City or parts of San Bruno, Pacifica, and San Francisco you will understand when I say to people, “Enjoy the sun and warmth because we never see it!”  Well, we do, but not as often as just about everywhere else in the Bay.  I really …

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This is one of the most irritating things!

This isn’t the end of the world but has this ever happened to you?  You get to the register to pay for your items (groceries, clothes, etc.), and the machine prompts you to use the chip reader OR swipe your card.  Most often I would do one and it would tell …

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I Befriended a Homeless Man

Unfortunately some folks are homeless.  Something happened this weekend and it prompted a discussion on my personal Facebook page.  Here is what I wrote on my FB update: “I was leaving Dublin today and I saw a homeless woman on the corner by the stop light I was at. At …

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