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Hi. I’m Gretchen. This is the part where I tell you a few interesting things about myself. I’m originally from Ohio. I moved to San Francisco in 1996, and have been on the air in the Bay Area since. I’m the youngest of five kids. That’s right, the spoiled baby, ask any of my siblings. I live in Novato with my husband and our two boys. They’re an endless source of comedy and chaos, (mostly the boys not the husband.) We have a Jack Russell rescue named Hank. Hank’s a good boy and quite handsome. My family and I like to hike and bike around town, and do outdoorsy stuff. My ringtone is Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter. Yes, I’m one of *those* weirdos. My patronus is a Manx Cat. Lumos! I read a lot, and love writing reviews and recommending books to my friends. I’m a crafting nerd. I make jewelry and have my own Etsy shop. I wear glasses and have green eyes. My hair is generally a mess, sorry about that. No tattoos, lots of scars. My favorite things are: people, music, books, theater, and comedy. My least favorite things are: laundry, eggplant and spiders.

Meet Hank, A Very Good Boy

This is my dog, Hank. He’s a rescue we adopted about 4 years ago. Most likely he’s some sort of Jack Russell or Parson Russell terrier mix. I’d love to do one of those DNA tests to find out more precisely about his breed/s, but I haven’t yet, and it …

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Living With Animals: Black Cats

Considering who is likely reading my column it’s safe to assume none of us here think black cats are unlucky or evil — but how did they get that rap? Researchers of such things point to ancient Greek lore: Zeus’ wife Hera magicked a servant named Galinthias into a black …

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