Does size really matter? This man’s fiance seemed to thinks so when he proposed to her.

Ok, so now that I’ve got your attention.  I hope you know it is because I am referring to ring size!  I felt so bad for this guy when I read the article below.  His proposal went well but the man’s fiance thought the ring was too small which made me ask does the size of the ring really matter?


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I am one of those people that really don’t think it is necessary to have a big ring.  I was married once and we just wore bands.  The ring didn’t matter to me, only the commitment.  I asked men and women if they thought that the size of the ring or stone on the ring was important.  Here’s what they said:


Toni: Material things do not matter. So size of a diamond does not matter. You can have the biggest best rock and not have a great relationship. Its about the bond, communication and all the things that make up the marriage that really counts! BUT thats just me…

Princesa:  It shouldn’t matter if u really love your mate

Lowell:  Heck no! It’s all about the sentimental value the ring has for one another. The ring should truly define the love, respect, and admiration toward one another….not about how many Karats or how many diamonds….there are people in the world who can’t afford a diamond ring at all.

Daniel:  To me it doesn’t matter at all, only the materialistic people would think so, which means that person is shallow and really doesn’t love that person, just their bank account

Grace:  Wedding is a day and marriage is a lifetime and so as the big rock. Lol. I mean i think its up to the husband what he can afford and most important is not about the ring it is about the commitment. Ring can be upgrade if all the bills are meet.

Sabrina:   If all that mattered then the focus was never the love in the first place. The symbol of the ring was never the size of the stone, it was symbolic of the ring to signify unity and eternity. I married the love of my life…not the ring on my finger.
Jason:  Good god no it doesn’t matter. My wife didn’t want an engagement ring, so we didn’t have one. Shes not big on jewelry. People thought it was odd, but we were getting married for ourselves and our love, no one else.
John:  I got one for ya. I bought my soon to be ex a 20,000 rock for our 25th anniversary. She left me…with the bill. Parting gift.
Among my friends size doesn’t seem to matter.  If she loves you, who cares what her friends say about the ring.  She should defend you and let her friends and maybe even family know that it is the gesture of the ring she appreciates and the commitment is what is important!!



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