Thank You San Lorenzo!

For 6 months KOIT was giving away $1000 4 times every day and the only way to win was to hear your name called on the radio. If you heard it called you would have to call back within 10 minutes and claim it.

The people of the San Lorenzo community Facebook page made it their mission from day one to listen every day. They wanted to make sure that no one from San Lorenzo missed their opportunity to claim $1000. Each day they would keep track of all the names that were called and post them on the Facebook page.

Us here at KOIT caught wind of this page and joined the group. We loved seeing the dedication from everyone including the page Admin Leslie and so many others. We exchanged frustrated GIFS when their names weren’t called and ideas about what to spend the money on if any of them ever won the $1000 (shout out to Tracy for all the great ideas).

The contest lasted for 6 months and they got every single name that was called. Unfortunately not everyone in the group won $1000 so that’s why we wanted to say thank you. We contacted Leslie, the pages admin, and asked her if we could set up a time for everyone to meet us for coffee. She reached out to some people on the page and set a date and time to meet up over the weekend.

We bought everyone coffee and gave them KOIT T-shirts and pens as a thank you for listening through the whole contest and supporting our station.

Our jobs depend on people like those from San Lorenzo and we wouldn’t get to do what we love every day if it wasn’t for everyone that listens to the station. A special thank you to Michelle for the flowers and for the custom T-shirts that she made for US (they are awesome!).

It was awesome meeting people in person and getting to talk to them face to face. Everyone had stories about when they were listening and how they would freak out when we called their first names but not their last (so close!). It was a pleasure to meet you all. Thank you for taking the time out of your Saturday to come and say hi to us!

The contest is coming back in the fall so we look forward to chatting with you all again.

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