7 Tips You Need Before You Start Your Diet

On top of being on the morning show I’ve also been making YouTube videos for a couple years for fun. The main focus of those videos has been me trying to buy adult clothes and dress better. When I first moved to the Bay are I realized that wearing Superman T-shirts to work wasn’t going to fly anymore. So I looked into getting subscription clothing boxes but I couldn’t figure out which ones were good for me. I was a little chubbier than all the guys I saw on YouTube trying on clothes so I couldn’t tell if it would work for me. So I decided to make my own videos from a bigger guys perspective to show others like me how the clothes would look on us. Surprisingly it did pretty well. I got a lot of good feedback from people that were looking for the same thing I was.

Recently I decided that I had enough clothes and I was going to stop making those type of videos. However, I wanted to continue doing YouTube videos because I enjoy it. But I couldn’t figure out what else to do. Then I got on the scale in our bathroom and realized I had gained even more weight. The number looking back at me was the highest it had ever been and it shook me a little bit. That’s when I decided to go on a diet, but this wasn’t going to be a quick fix. I want to lose the weight and KEEP it off this time.

That’s when the 2 ideas came together and I started the my Surviving The Diet video series. I’m only one episode in so far but I hope to continue this for at least the next year while I lose weight. The first episode is 7 Tips for surviving week #1 of the diet.

This is NOT an endorsement and no one is getting any financial compensation for these videos. It’s just something I’ve decided to do and I hope that it helps people stick to their diets. I’m not a nutritionist or qualified in any way to give health advice. These are purely my own personal observations and things that helped ME get through week 1.


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