#1 We Stay On Budget During The Holidays

By 965koit on November 30, 2017

Yes, the holidays are here and of course it’s all about family and friends and the joy that the season brings. Let’s be honest, it’s also about presents. And presents are expensive! Add those into the travel, making dinner for the whole family and pictures with Santa. The holidays aren’t cheap and we each have our own budget for this time of year.

According to a new survey that asked people how the heck they stayed on budget during the holidays, the most common answer they gave was “spare change.” As in, the change jar or the extra money that has fallen in between the couch all year long. Or if you are like me you still have a piggy bank that you put on your change into with hopes that the money will some how double while it sits inside of your little porcelain piggy. About a third of people said that this is when they cash in their change that they have been saving.

So if you are feeling a bit strained in the wallet, break open you or your kids piggy bank! But trust me when I say, the money didn’t gain any interest in there and just because it feels like $1000 worth of change doesn’t mean it is. It’s mostly pennies.

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