10 Movies Your Kids Should Watch This Summer

By 965koit on July 10, 2019

A lot of experts say that kids shouldn’t watch too much TV. However, there is another expert that says that if they are going to watch TV then they should watch something with a lesson. So they came up with a list of the 10 best movies for your kids to watch because of the lessons they teach. There are a few odd ones but they all have great lessons to be taught. Since your kids don’t want to listen to you, maybe they’ll listen to WALL-E.

1) The Iron Giant: They learn acceptance and the consequences of being too quick to judge

2) Wall-E: They learn about human excess and environmental decay

3) Coco: this movie will get kids contemplating the ways we remember and honor our departed family members.

4) A League of their Own: They will learn about the value of female athletes throughout history.

5) Remember the Titans: They will see themes of segregation and prejudice

6) The Truman Show: Kids will inevitably begin to question the consequences of our media-driven world.

7) Arrival: It will make kids look at how we communicate as a species.

8) The Help: It will get kids thinking about segregation and class differences in our society, and what it takes to break the legacy of racism.

9) Bend It Like Beckham: Shows kids that they should “follow your heart” and talks about generation immigrant families and cultural identity.

10) Love, Simon: It gives kids a chance to relate to and empathize with the struggles of a gay man and the gay community.

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