23% Of Delivery Drivers Have Tried Your Food

By 965koit on July 29, 2019

If you ever open and app and have someone bring you food, you may want to know something. Chances are one of those drivers reached into your bag of food and had a taste of what was in there. (EW!!) That could be anything from a stolen french fry to a sip of your Frappachino.

According to a new survey of delivery drivers about a third of them admitting to sampling your food. Another 54% said that they didn’t actually try it but they where definitely tempted to take a bite. Which is just proof that these drivers are people who some times get hungry or curious and your food is in the “they’ll never know” category. Plus, this might be a good time to remember that you should be more polite to the people who handle and deliver your food.

Sure, if they took a bite out of your hamburger you would probably notice. But most of them said they have taken a few fries or maybe a chicken nugget. Would you be upset if the driver took a fry? As long as they don’t touch ALL the fries I guess they can have one. But just realizing that they have access to my food without anyone watching already has me reconsidering ever ordering anything EVER.

Just for fun, here is video proof that they WILL eat your food.

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