3 Million People Are Netflixing The Hard Way

By 965koit on August 28, 2018

Netflix seems like a pretty easy concept right? You subscribe to them and then type in your login and password and then just scroll through and see what you want to watch. It didn’t always work like that. The way Netflix used to work was you would go to their website and choose all the movies you wanted to watch, then they would mail you 2 or 3 DVD’s at a time and once you watched and sent them back they would send you 2 or 3 more.

Believe it or not 3 million people still watch Netflix this way. Netflix has 130 million subscribers that stream like you do so why don’t they shut down their DVD mail system? Turns out they are still making a pretty big profit from it. With those 3 million people they are making $53 Million in profit. Eventually they will move away from it but for now they might as well keep it going. At the rate that people are making the switch to digital they should all be converted by 2022.

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