60% of Parents Feel THIS

By 965koit on July 11, 2018

A recent study has confirmed what parents have known all along.

They are burned out.

Over 60% of 2,000 parents surveyed report they have experienced some form of parental burnout. 40% of survey respondents said that parental burnout had significantly impacted their quality of life.

90% of parents said that it’s harder raising kids then it was for their parents. They cited social media, the fact that both parents have to work, expectaions, bullying and competition as some of the reasons why.

So how do you deal with parential burnout?

These are some of the expert’s tips.

– Set clear, appropriately high standards for kids and teens. Include them and teach them how to participate in household responsibilities (i.e., vacuuming, sweeping, food preparation and cleanup, etc.).

– Be clear that privileges (such as electronic devices, screen time, time with friends, allowance) only come with responsible, cooperative behavior. Don’t threaten, let them succeed or fail.

– Use a positive tone when setting expectations and enforcing limits.

– Know your child or teen’s personality and engage them accordingly. Some kids are highly sensitive while others more competitive. Some are intense while others are more easy-going. Know if your child or teen needs things written down or specific times and a sequence for doing things.

– Establish clear limits and standards for use of devices in the home.

– Get more adult fun time. Take back a past pleasure or start a new one such as art, music, dance, or an athletic activity.

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