9 TED Talks That Will Make You a Better Parent

By 965koit on June 20, 2019

I feel so clueless when it comes to Baby Lilly sometimes.

It’s so tough to be a parent. That’s why I love the idea of a village raising a child.

I call my mom almost every day, I’m constantly on Google, and I’m always watching videos that will help make me a better parent.

There is a lot of bad information out there, but I find myself always enthralled with TED talks.

They’re quick, which is helpful when you’re a parent, and they’re jam packed with stuff that makes me think.

Here are the 9 TED Talks that I think will make you a better parent.


  1. How to get kids to thrive in school:

2) How to “have it all”

3) How to raise daughters to be fearless:

4) How to raise successful kids:

5) How to introduce them to technology:

6) Why structure with kids is important:

7) How to teach manners:

8) How to let them off the lease:

9) How to teach them about taboo subjects:

Do you have a favorite parenting video?


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