A Salon Manager Gave Her Boss a Kidney, So He Gave Her the Store

By Hope Bidegainberry on February 18, 2020
business woman lady boss in beauty salon making hairdress and looking to the mirror

We have seen a million stories about donating kidneys. And people always say helping someone was the only reward they needed.

Acia Williams has been the manager of a salon in D.C. for about eight years.

Back in 2018, she found out the owner of the salon needed a new kidney. So she got tested, and it turned out she was a match.

His name is Chet Bennett. And the surgery went great. It happened last April, and they’ve both fully recovered.

Now they’re in the news because Chet decided to pay Acia back . . . by giving her the SALON.

After the surgery, they were both staying at Chet’s place, so his family could help take care of them.  And one day, he looked at her and said the shop was HERS.

It just re-opened this past Monday under the name “A New Image by Acia.” Chet owns a couple other salons, plus a beauty school. So he’ll be fine. He says he’ll never be able to thank her enough, and giving her the salon was the least he could do.

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