A Taco Bell Themed Hotel Is Opening Soon

By 965koit on May 17, 2019

How much do you love Taco Bell? For some reason it’s become super popular over the last couple years. I like their food as much as anyone but I don’t need to have Taco Bell Hot Sauce boxers. But if that’s your thing then this is going to be really good news for you.

Taco Bell just announced it’s opening a new luxury hotel this summer. It’s called The Bell and everything will of course be themed to Taco Bell. It would be silly for them to not offer Taco Bell food at the hotel, including room service. Nothing like a late night Taco Supreme to help you sleep. They will even have food that is only in the testing phase that you can try. You can be responsible for the next big thing that comes out of Taco Bell. You’ll find a gift shop with Taco Bell merchandise, and even a salon that will do “Taco Bell-inspired” nail art, haircuts, and braids. I’m not really sure what that’s going to look like but if you are staying at this hotel, you kind of HAVE to get something done right?

If you’re interested in going to the Taco Bell hotel, reservations are going to open up next month in Palm Springs, California for a limited time starting on August 9th. Reservations are most likely going to go really fast so make sure you act quick!

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