I am addicted to Q-tips!

By on May 11, 2018

Who else does this crazy stuff? I know I’m not alone in this. UGH!! I am addicted to the sensation of a Q-tip in my ear. Yes I KNOW! I KNOW! It isn’t good for you and you can push wax farther in your canal and lose your hearing and all that.. BUT my doctor says I HAVE NO WAX in my ears because of my bad habit and this is bad too!  My ears ITCH like crazy and nothing I have ever done medically for the itchy ears has ever worked.   I swear I go through like a box of 1000 every week! lol!! ( or so it seems)… Anyone else have this problem this bad or am I the only weirdo on the planet? lol!  I read so many articles on the dangers or concerns with this issue but nothing else relieves the itchiness!  Any suggestions?  HELP!!   freska@koit.com or freska@sflocalmedia.com


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