After Endgame What’s Next? **SPOILERS AHEAD**

By 965koit on April 29, 2019


Just so you know, I’m going to be talking about the results of Avengers: Endgame and what comes next in the Marvel cinematic universe. Which means I’ll be saying who does and doesn’t make it out alive so if you don’t want to know you need to stop reading NOW.




Ok, If you’ve made it this far then you already know how it all went down in Endgame. This movie wrapped up everything that the last 22 movies have been leading up to with a pretty little bow. Cap is good, Tony’s gone, Hawk-eye is retired and Thanos is dead. Sooooo now what happens? I don’t think anything like what just happened with these movies will ever be able to happen again. If they try it again they have to have something bigger and better and I’m 100% certain that it can’t be done. So now come the spin-offs and B characters with their own franchises (Booooo!). Actually, there are a couple movies that we can still look forward too.

Spider-Man: Homecoming – Another Spider-man movie is coming out this Summer and it will show us how Peter is dealing with his mentor dying. Plus it will allow him to go back to being just your friendly neighborhood Spider-man. Now he takes on Mysterio played by Jake Gyllenhaal.

Falcon as Captain America – With Cap handing his shield and mantle over to Sam Wilson at the end of the movie you know they had to do something! There is a new series coming to Disney+ at the end of the year. It will star Sam as the new Captain America with Bucky there as the Winter Soldier.

Loki Returns – Speaking of Disney+ there is another series starring our favorite trickster! Will he be on a new timeline or exist in disguise the whole time Endgame is happening? Either way we will definitely be seeing a lot more of Loki. Perhaps maybe in the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie since Thor is now hanging with them now.

Black Widow – Yup! Even though she died in Endgame she is still getting her own stand-alone movie. Most likely it will be an origin story for her character, but I dont’ know if I buy that. What I think personally is it will show us what she did in those 5 years that everyone was gone and she was in charge. But I’m usually wrong so who knows?!

Scarlet With & Vision – Yet another series coming to Disney+ is one starring Scarlet Witch and Vision. They don’t explain how Vision returns or when this timeline will happen but Elizabeth Olson says that it will take place decades ago, so we’ll see how that plays out. More time travel?

Some movies that haven’t been officially announced but you can probably expect are another Black Panther movie, most likely a Captain Marvel 2 and perhaps another Dr. Strange movie. Most likely they won’t all connect like these last movies have though. They will probably all stand alone as solo movies instead of being a piece to a puzzle. Plus the way that Cap and Peggy were able to grow old together brings up the possibility of little super soldier children in the future. You never know!


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