Am I ready to take this big step with Lilly?

By 965koit on September 30, 2019

Lilly is growing up so fast.

In the last week, I swear she grew two inches. She’s also had two more teeth come in, with two more on the way. She’s starting to look more and more like a toddler, and although it’s hard, I love watching her grow up.

The issue though is she is getting more and more hungry.

As she should! She’s going through so many changes and her body needs the calories to grow and stay active.

Lilly in her highchair. (Photo Credit: Kristen Flowers)

We are slowly starting to introduce foods. At dinner, she will have a little protein along with some veggies, oats, and fruit. She goes to bed with a full tummy, but she is starting to want lunch.

Here’s the problem.

I’m not home for lunch.

The woman who watches Lilly has her until 1 pm. Lilly’s dinner is at 3 pm, so if I were to feed her when I got home, it would be too close to dinner time. That means that her nanny would have to feed her lunch around 11 am.

I’ve asked her if she is comfortable feeding a baby solid food, and she said that she is, but I’m not sure I’m comfortable with it.

Lilly eating lunch (Photo Credit: Kristen Flowers)

Lilly is just starting to try things, and sometimes she gags on things before spitting them out. It always freaks me out, but I’m here to help since Nick and I both took an infant CPR class at the hospital before she was born.

I asked the nanny if she knew CPR and she said that she doesn’t.

Therein lies the problem. I know Lilly is craving more calories and more REAL food, but I’m too scared to let someone else feed her.

Should I just suck it up and cut up everything ahead of time so that Lilly won’t have any issues, or should I just continue giving her a solid dinner?

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