Am I too strict with Lilly?

By 965koit on September 25, 2019

December 14th is Star Wars Night at the Shark Tank.

The San Jose Sharks will be skating out to the Imperial March, stormtroopers will be marching through the concourse, and a special Sharks/Star Wars t-shirt will be giving out to the fans.

Nick is pretty darn excited.

Kristen posing with Stormtrooper. (Photo Credit: Kristen Flowers)

It’s on a Saturday night, which is really the only time we can go out, so this feels like kismet. It was our destiny to attend this special themed game.

But what do we do with Lilly?

Nick says, “Let’s bring her! I always see babies at the games, plus this would be an amazing first game for her.”

He’s right, but I seriously cringed at the thought.

She will have turned one the week before, but she goes to bed at 7 pm, the game is all the way in San Jose, it’s filled with tons of screaming fans, blah blah blah. I could give a thousand reasons why I don’t think she should go.

I feel like I’m being super strict with her schedule. We eat lunch at the same time every day. She goes down for a nap at the exact right times, she always takes a bath at 5 pm, and we read a book then have a bottle before bedtime. We’ve created a really predictable routine. In my defense, she’s been thriving and is always well-rested and happy. But should I let her stay up past her bedtime sometimes?

I mean, we always do see small kids at these games.

A friend of mine has season tickets for his home team, and he has been bringing his kids to every game since they were in newborn diapers. He always makes sure to protect their ears with headphones, but they are always right there on his lap. It makes for a sweet picture, but I can’t help but wonder what it’s like after the camera is put away.

I see Lilly fussing and not sitting still in my lap. I can picture her being startled when horns go off for a goal, I see her starting to cry and having to pull out premade formula out of a gigantic backpack I have to carry. I picture the toys I have to wash when she throws them to the ground.

Should I suck it up and bring her? Or should Nick and I just get a sitter and enjoy the game by ourselves? Let me know in the Facebook comments.

Nick and Kristen at Sharks Game. (Photo Credit: Kristen Flowers)

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