An Eight-Year-Old Beat Cancer, Then Donated Her Birthday Gifts to the Hospital

By Hope Bidegainberry on July 15, 2019
A Caucasian girl is indoors in a hospital room. She is smiling at the camera while holding a teddy bear.

Most of us don’t practice gratitude enough.  But this girl’s already got it in spades . . .

Eight-year-old Zoe Figueroa lives just outside San Diego.  And she’s been battling cancer.

She was diagnosed with stage-four neuroblastoma, which has to do with your nerve cells.  But it’s now in remission.  And she recently had her final treatment.

She also just had a birthday earlier this month.  But she told her mom that she already had everything she needs.  So she wanted to donate ALL of her gifts to the various hospitals that treated her, so other kids there could have them.

Her family threw a big party for her on July 6th, and raised about $750 for cancer charities.  And her guests ended up donating over TWO HUNDRED toys to the hospitals. 

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