Are You Falling Correctly?

By 965koit on February 20, 2019
A little girl winces in pain after falling from her bike and skinning her knee

Do you find yourself falling on the ground a lot? Maybe you trip over the same step every day or you love to go ice skating but you just aren’t very good at it. Chances are you have been falling wrong your entire life and now the Harvard Medical School has stepped in to tell you the right way.

Believe it or not there IS a correct way to fall on the ground. When you trip and fall forward your first instinct is to brace yourself with your hands, but that’s how you break your wrists. The Harvard Medical School says that’s the worst thing you can do. What you SHOULD do is cover your head and fall like a “sack of potatoes” and crumble to the ground. If you can, try to fall on your side instead of your face. That’s the best way to avoid injuring your body.

There is also a right way to pick yourself back up once you are on the ground. A lot of people will just pop back up like nothing happened because you’re embarrassed. They recommend taking a second to center yourself, especially on ice, then get on all fours and put all your weight on your feet and then straighten your body up.

So remember the next time you are heading for a face first collision, protect your head and twist to your side. You just have to be faster than gravity. Good luck!

Because I couldn’t resist, here is a compilation of people falling down.

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