This Baby Has Better Hair Than Anyone I Know!

By 965koit on July 26, 2018

This kid is the next level Uncle Jesse with her head of hair.

Chanco is a 6-month-old baby from Japan who has recently taken the internet by storm with her head of hair.

Her parents have been sharing her little adventures on Instagram and she’s already reached fame status.Β Baby Chanco already has over 143k followers!

Here she is getting a little hair trim. Most babies I know don’t get a haircut until after their first birthday!

Her parents say that when she was born she already had a lot of hair and here’s proof. They thought it was cute and funny so they decided to document it on Instagram and never thought she’d become a viral sensation.

Baby Chanco is absolutely adorable and the definition of hair goals.

Show us your baby pics or your kid’s baby pics and lets do some comparisons to see who had/has the most hair!





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