Baby Shark TV Show Coming To Netflix

By 965koit on January 25, 2019

Does just reading the words “baby shark” in your head trigger the phrase “do do da doo da doo?” Then you are a victim of the Baby Shark craze, just like the rest of us. Not only did the catchy song about a family of sharks make the Billboard charts 2 years after being released, it’s now invading your home through your television.

Netflix has announced that they are putting together a show based on the song that will short fun videos. The creators of the song say they are also working on a cartoon series AND a musical! Everywhere you look you’re going to see these colorful sharks popping their heads out and kids next to them slamming their hands together and dancing. Its insanity.

With the success of Baby Shark the creators are also hoping to focus on the older kids soon with penguins. It will target kids 5-8 years old and you can BET there will be some sort of song about penguins that you will be singing over and over AND OVER again.

Not really sure what exactly Baby Shark is? Don’t worry, I got you covered. Check out the video below.

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