Best fast food burger to go

By Hope Bidegainberry on May 18, 2020

Fast food burgers are either delivered right now, or picked up and brought home.  And that extra time in the car means they may not taste as good.  So someone ordered from different places, and ranked them by how well they keep.

1.  Five Guys.  They wrap their burgers in aluminum foil, which keeps the juices in.  And it also seemed to keep the burger hot longer.

2.  Wendy’s.  Their paper-and-aluminum wrappers help keep the juices and flavor in.  Though it might make the lettuce a little gross.

3.  In-N-Out.  If you pick up, there’s an option to get it in a box instead of a bag.  And that means less steam to make your food soggy.

4.  Jack in the Box.  Some of their bigger burgers come in thick paper boxes that hold in the heat.  So opt for those.

5.  McDonald’s.  Again, things like their Quarter Pounder come in a box that helps insulate it.  Skip the Big Mac though.  The extra travel time ruins the middle bun.

6.  Burger King.  It wasn’t the worst, but also not great.  (It seems like the person who did it also hates Burger King in general.  So keep that in mind.)

7.  Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s.  They ranked it the worst by far.  It was lukewarm by the time they got it, and the whole burger was one big mess.

Now of course these are all chain restaurants. You can read more on this HERE.

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