The Best Letter Home!

By Hope Bidegainberry on September 14, 2018

This Autistic boy fails his school exams and his teacher sends him home with a powerful letter.

Raising children is never easy, it has its struggles, but raising a child with a disability has even more concerns and difficulties.

This 11-year-old boy, Ben Twist, lives with autism, and his mom, Gail, was handed a huge surprise when her son’s school sent a letter home after he failed his SAT tests…

When Gail received the letter from Ben’s school, she thought it would say everything negative as he would have to work harder or improve his grades…instead the letter contained something completely different!

His teacher sent him home with a touching letter that let him know just how skilled he is and what exactly he brings to the table!


CLICK HERE for the full story and the letter the teacher wrote!



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