California Woman Finds LIVE Frog In Her Salad

By 965koit on August 28, 2017

One time I found a tiny little bug in my salad and freaked out. Did I scream? Maybe. But we’re not talking about me. There is a woman in Corona, California that bought a bag of salad from Target recently and while she was eating it at home, the thing you never want to happen, happened. The lettuce started to move. Instead of screaming (like normal people do) and tossing the bowl of salad across the room while simulateously rincing her mouth out with listerine. She grabbed the little frog and noticed that it was in pretty bag shape from being trapped inside the bag. So she washed off the salad dressing that she had put on the salad and her husband gave the little guy one-finger chest compressions. 

The frog has fully recovered and they decided to keep it as a pet. They did end up reaching out to Target and they are investigating how the frog got into the salad. They also offered the woman a $5 gift card as an apology. You can see a picture of the frog in the salad by clicking HERE

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