Candy-Themed Vacation Home

By Hope Bidegainberry on November 4, 2019

What are you doing for your next vacation?! If you haven’t landed on a spot, and you’re a candy lover this could be the place for you! It’s a candy-oriented mansion called the “Sweet Escape”.

Located on 5 acres of land in Florida, this mini theme-park has 10 bedrooms, each of which has its own sugar-related theme. Lolly Pop room which has its own ball pit or Hubba Bubba room which is super pink. In terms of entertainment, Sweet Escape has more than enough. Of course there are the classic mansion accouterments like a movie theater, an arcade, a karaoke bar, and a mini-golf course. There also happens to be a 30,000 gallon ice cream-shaped pool topped with a red “cherry” hot tub, plus a whipped cream slide, plus a fountain that looks exactly like a bottle of Hershey’s chocolate sauce.

It might be a little expensive, but this place can apparently sleep 52 people!

CLICK HERE for more information and to see the pics! 

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