Cat Saves His Owner’s Lives

By Hope Bidegainberry on May 14, 2020
beauty black and white cat sitting and looking up

There are plenty of stories about heroic animals like dogs. However, cats can also be heroic.

This one heroic feline was adopted two and a half years ago. Things were looking up for this loving cat who got his forever home.

The night of the incident was like any other. The owners were winding down for the night. The couple had thrown something into their slow cooker in order to let it cook overnight and then the couple went to bed.

Hours later, the couple was awoken by their cat. The cat had never interrupted them during the night. The cat was standing on his chest, frantically pacing around the room and purring to get his owner’s attention.


The owner knew something wasn’t right. Their kitchen was filled with smoke and he could smell the burning from the bedroom.

Fortunately, the cat had woken up the owners in time for him to be able to shut off the slow cooker and clear out smoke before there was any major damage done.

This cat was hailed a hero! 


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