Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri Feeds Fire Evacuees

By 965koit on October 13, 2017

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri arrived at a Santa Rosa evacuation center yesterday, armed with a trailer, a bbq smoker, a wood fired oven, tons of meat and a full crew. He cooked for everyone in the Veterans Memorial Building, providing about 1,200 lunches, then they took a break and came back and did about 1,300 more.

This was a treat for the people who have been living off hot dogs and beans.

Guy and his wife live in Santa Rosa, about a block and half from Coffey Park, and said his wife woke him up to evacuate at two in the morning. He said they grabbed the dogs and tons of pictures.

He is actually just one of many local chefs that have been hitting up the shelters to cook for the displaced people.

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