Children Hate Men With Beards

By 965koit on August 2, 2019

Are you a man who takes pride in his beard? Do you purchase special oils and comb it every day to make sure it’s soft and untangled? Then you are a man who hates children. Just kidding! It’s children that hate you.

According to a recent study, children found men with beards to be untrustworthy and suspicious. A series of children were shown 162 pictures of men with and without beards and were asked questions. They were asked to judge the men on traits like dominance, attractiveness, parenting abilities and more. Children from ages 2-13 found men with beards overwhelmingly unattractive compared to men without them. I blame all the cartoons! Always making the bad guy have some sort of facial hair (I’m looking at you Jafar!).

Good news though, once your kids hit puberty they start to change their opinions and start to find them more appealing. For adult women the study shows that they are more likely to see you as a father figure as well as stronger and more manly. So as long as you don’t mind scaring children, you should keep the beard because the ladies love it.


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