Christmas Tree Flavor Is The Next Pumpkin Spice!

By Melissa Moore on October 15, 2018

You can tell each time a season changes by the flavors that start being pushed on you at every restaurant and coffee shop. When it’s Spring everything is floral or colorful, when Summer hits everything is “cool” and “refreshing.” But the most popular flavors are Autumn and Winter. That’s when Pumpkin Spice takes over the world and it only goes away once all the Peppermint stuff hits the shelves.

Well prepare to have your world SHAKEN! Because there is a new flavor in town that you may start to see everywhere. Christmas Tree. There are chips that have been released in the UK that are Christmas Tree flavored and they are made with real pine oil. The smell immediately pops into your nose as soon as someone says Christmas Tree scent, can you imagine biting into that? I can’t say that I would hate it. As long as it’s not super overpowering I imagine these are pretty tasty. I’m not the only one either. People are already planning trips to the UK to give these a try!

So the next time you hit Starbucks and they have a Christmas Tree flavored Frapp, try it. Then you can be at the start of this hot new trend and you can say that you heard it from that cool on on KOIT. You’re welcome.

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