Where does your Christmas tree go after the holidays?

By on December 5, 2017

I absolutely love the holidays!  I have had a real tree for almost 35 years but in the last few years I didn’t even have a tree up.  It’s because I had to chop it down myself AFTER the holidays were over and I just don’t like doing that.  So where does your Christmas tree go after the holidays?  Does it have to go outside to wait for the garbage folks to pick it up or does it get put away in its box and stored till next year?

These photos are quite comical because the last year I bought a real tree I had to chop it in 4 foot pieces in order for our garbage company to pick up.  Fortunately, I only had 7.5″ trees but it was still something I didn’t look forward to every year.  In the photos below my tiny ax broke in the process of trying to cut it in half.  I also ended up getting a blister from wacking at the tree so many times.  Since my ax broke I had to finish off the tree with a sledge hammer lol!! I didn’t have a saw nor did I have a chain saw, otherwise I would have used those.  I must have looked pathetic using the “tools” I had to cut my tree in half.  Hopefully I made some people laugh that were passing by.


I purchased a fake tree from Orchard Supply Hardware a few weeks ago and my family loves it!!  =)



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