Clever Stray Steers Woman Into Cat Food Aisle And Points Out His Favorite Snacks

By Hope Bidegainberry on May 8, 2020
White persian cat on armchair

Cats are very clever. There’s this stray cat who hangs outside a grocery store befriending all the local shoppers. He then leads them straight towards the cat food aisle, hoping they’ll buy him treats.

Every time the cat is waiting outside the store, and walks in, leads someone towards the cat food aisle, and he’d point out his favorite snack. He always chose the food wanted.

According to managers, the stray even understood the store’s opening hours, because he would always show up right when the store opened and start persuading customers to buy him food. 

This one woman that always bought him food, decided to follow the cat home to see where he went every night. She discovered that he went into an abandoned house.

The woman decided to adopt and give him a proper home!

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