Cross-Country Team Takes Shelter Dogs on Their Runs

By 965koit on March 20, 2019
Photo of active young man jogging with his dog in a foggy morning

This is such an amazing idea!

The St. Joseph High School cross-country team in Santa Barbara decided to make their runs a bit more interesting. They asked shelter dogs to run with them!

Each runner was paired with a dog from a local animal shelter before heading out in one big happy group.

The coach said he didn’t know who was having a better time, the runners or the dogs. He just hopes that this becomes a regular thing and that other schools jump on the idea too.

Check out the video here.

Got a pretty cool cross country team (& coach!). Taking dogs from the animal shelter on a Morning Jog! If you see a dog you like, go adopt!

Posted by St. Joseph Athletics on Thursday, August 4, 2016


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