Crows Are Cleaning Up After You Now

By 965koit on August 14, 2018

For the last few weeks Kristen has been obsessed with the crows in our backyard. She decided one day that she was going to study up on crows and she found out they are actually pretty smart. They have the understanding of a 7 year old human and even make and use tools. If you get a chance to do a google search on crows you totally should because they do some pretty cool things.

Kristen wasn’t the only person who noticed this, there is an historical theme park in Western France that has turned to the crows to keep the park clean. Each year the park gets over 2 million visitors, which is second only to Disneyland Paris. A flock of 6 crows have been trained to pick up cigarette butts and other trash and put it into a bin. As a reward this bin gives them a treat each time they do it so they have plenty of motivation to pick up trash. If I got a treat every time I picked up a piece of litter I would definitely do it more often.

You can follow our journey to train the crows in our backyard on our Facebook page. Here is a video of a squirrel snatching the peanuts we left out for the crows, eventually the crows come as well.

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