Cups Over 16oz May Be Banned In California!

By 965koit on February 22, 2019

Remember when you could go to your favorite fast food restaurant and SUPER SIZE your meal. They would hand you a giant box of fries and a HUGE soda that you had to hold with 2 hands. Those we the days right? It’s been a long time since we have been able to do that anywhere and now your drinks are going to get even smaller. I think it’s a pretty universal thing that a large soda is 32oz, a medium is 16-20oz and a small is 8oz. With the new bill that has been introduced in California, mediums will now become the largest you can buy.

The bill calls for retailers to stop selling cups with plastic tops that are larger than 16oz. Since these types of cups are mostly used for soda fountains where people can fill them up with whatever sugary drink they desire. They feel it will help in the fight against childhood and adult obesity if we can lessen the amount of sugar water we are allowed to drink in one sitting. Unlike a lot of the bills lately about plastic straws and bags, this will not be a “pay for it and you can have it” kind of thing. This is an all out BAN and retailers will be fined for serving them.

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