Deaf Senior Dog Finally Finds His Perfect Family

By Hope Bidegainberry on June 13, 2020

One shelter, Albert’s Dog Lounge, a Wisconsin dog rescue helps senior and special needs dogs find forever homes. Since the pandemic people are seeking more furry friends to help them cope with the anxiety and stress of life.

This deaf senior Pit Bull who spent three years in foster care finally got adopted. The dog had been rescued in terrible shape from a life on the streets.

He was rescued in Texas, but the dog’s rescuers reached out to Albert’s Dogs when it started to look like this sweet dog might never get adopted. Within less than a month the shelter found him a perfect home. Not only did the family around have a Pit Bull, but the dog’s new mom was a special-needs teacher actively seeking a deaf dog! 

It was a long waited experience for this dog, but he finally found his forever home! 


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