Did the 49ers Blowing the Super Bowl Save a Ton of People?

By Hope Bidegainberry on April 15, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic will inspire a lot of “what ifs” . . .especially how things could’ve been different if we’d been more prepared. But there are surely some POSITIVE “what ifs” as well . . . bullets we may have dodged.

The Wall Street Journal” suggests that the San Francisco 49ers blowing their 10-point, fourth quarter lead in the Super Bowl might have actually SAVED LIVES . . . because there were two reported cases of the coronavirus the day after the game.

So obviously, there were people already infected there.  Now throw in a victory parade that could have attracted more than a MILLION people, resulting in a massive spread on the West Coast.

Something like this HAS happened before.  Thousands of people were infected during Philadelphia’s World War 1 parade back in the days of the 1918 Spanish flu . . . which set off a second wave of deaths.

A doctor from UCSF’s department of medicine said, quote, “It may go down in the annals as being a brutal sports loss . . . but one that may have saved lives.”