Do All Moms Feel This Way?

By 965koit on July 17, 2019

Lilly has experienced some big milestones recently. She has mastered rolling over and isn’t shy about showing off whenever she can. She has also been bumped up to two solid food meals a day. Her favorite is the banana, raspberry, and brown rice concoction!

She has started getting up on all fours in her crib and rocking back and forth. That is the precursor to crawling, and soon she will be running around the house!

She’s eight-months-old and I swear in the last week, she’s grown two full inches. We just introduced her to her height chair and when she first got in it, her little legs tangled a full couple of inches from the footrest.

We put her in it last night, and her toes were resting on it! How is it possible that she’s grown so much in the last couple of days?

I just got her some 6-12 months old clothes and they’re starting to feel tighter on her now.

Watching her learn all these new skills has me feeling…


She’s growing too fast! It’s a very weird feeling, because I’m so excited for her to learn new things, but I’m also really sad that I’m losing that little baby.

I’ll miss feeding her and working with her on her rolling and sitting up. I know she will need me for new things, but I’ve just loved this infant stage so much. I’m really going to miss it.

Don’t recommend me having another kid! 🙂

Do all parents feel this way about their babies?

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