Do you have a “sick kit?”

By 965koit on November 5, 2019
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*cough cough* Tis the season for stuffy noses and chest coughs. You’re most likely going to get sick in the next month or so. Are you prepared for it? Have you stocked up on all the things that belong in your “sick kit?” It’s not medication or anything that will actually help you get better. The “sick kit” contains the things you NEED when you’re feeling under the weather.

When you feel the uncomfortable scratchy throat, or feel the phlegm in your chest when you cough, it’s time to put the kit together. To make me feel better I need a big bowl of menudo, Netflix and orange juice with extra pulp. Your list might be a bit different, so we asked on our Nick & Kristen Facebook page about the things you need in your kit.


A surprising number of people said 7-UP helps them when they are sick. So I had to look it up and see if this is some miracle soda that can cure you. The short answer is NO but it does actually help your stomach. It’s great for a stomach ache but it obviously won’t help cure you of anything. It might clear your stuffy nose because of the carbonation but Doctors say you should avoid all soda. But who are they to argue with grandma and mom right? Drink whatever makes you feel better!

As everyone in my house begins to feel better I can start to feel my health declining. I’m hoping to ride this out but just in case I’ve been searching areas near my house with good menudo.

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