Do You Like Your Pets More Than Your Kids?

By 965koit on September 6, 2019
Cute pets resting together. Friendship of a dog and cat.

Now that sounds like a crazy question right?! Well love and like are very different…or so I hear.

According to a new poll 34% of parents said they prefer their pet to their kids. Now why is that? Maybe it’s because your pet is always there for you. Your pet may listen to you more often than your child does (at least that’s what my mom used to tell us). Maybe it’s the loyalty of your pet?

I mean nowadays our pets are not just pets, they’re family. They may even be considered one of our kids. I’m very happy for the baby in my life and by baby I mean my cat who always has my back.

Meet Kiwi Dulce. 🙂


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