Dog knows the names and categories of its 100 toys

There are some really smart dogs out there. During this time, many people have been teaching their pets new tricks and skills.

This one particular dog knows not only the names of her toys, but also the names of different categories of toys. She had learnt this by just hanging out with her owners and playing her favorite game.

This dog has almost 100 toys and they all have names.

The dog listens to her owners as he asks her to search for a named toy. There are very few dogs that can do this and it is really difficult to teach object names to dogs.

This dog learnt the names of the objects in her cornucopia of fun by playing a game with her owners in which she would go fetch the toy they named. 

This is an important reminder that animals are often learning from us even outside of formal training sessions.

Hope Bidegainberry

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