Dog Meets Orphaned Kittens And Instantly Adopts

By Hope Bidegainberry on May 19, 2020
A golden retriever dog and three kittens are indoors in a living room. They are playing on the floor together. One kitten is climbing on the dog and one of the other kittens.

This woman saw a post about three kittens who needed round-the-clock bottle feeding, and she immediately offered to help.

This came at a good time, because COVID-19 just hit and she as practicing shelter-at-home and needed something to do.

Once she brought the kittens home, it became clear her 105-pound lab mix wanted her job. 

The dog won’t let the kittens out of her sight. She sits next to their carrier and watches their every move.

When the dog’s owner tries to bottle-feed them, the lab isn’t please that someone else is handling “her kittens.”

The owner would have to put the dog in another room just to get anything done with the kittens. When she would let her out, she would run straight for the kittens to check up on them.

The kittens will be up for adoption soon and the lab mix will be sad when they go.

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