Dog Naps On Fluffiest Dogs At Day Care

By Hope Bidegainberry on March 31, 2020
Portrait of Furry Samoyed Dog isolated on White background, front view

Edna the Pit Bull has been going to doggy day care since she was just a puppy. She of course has the same routine: she plays super hard for the first 3 hours and then needs to sleep for the rest of the day. With so many dogs claiming the comfiest nap spots, Edna quickly found a solution. 

Edna finds the fluffiest dog at day care that day and uses them as her pillow! 

Whether the dog is big or small, Edna will nap on them and the dogs don’t seem to mind! 

Now that Edna is bigger than a small puppy, she still seems to do it!

Take a look at all the pics of her sleeping on other dogs HERE.



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