Donate your extra candy to the troops

By 965koit on November 1, 2019
Boy in skeleton costume holding bowl full of candies

If you read the headline and thought to yourself “who has EXTRA candy?” I felt the same way.

Surprisingly, kids are getting way more candy than we did when we were kids. A lot of candy givers are over buying because they don’t want to run out of candy. Which leaves all this candy lying around. You could be like me and just eat it all in one glorious night and then regretting it for a week. Or you could do something awesome with it.

There is an organization called Operation Gratitude that will gladly accept your overflow of candy. They have several drop off locations in the Bay area that you can take your candy too. They will take the candy and include it in the care packages that they send the troops and first responders. Since 2003 they have send about 2.5 Million care packages out.

You can also search for a location near you and find out more about the organization on their website




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