East Bay 5th Grader Is Saving The Planet!

By 965koit on April 23, 2019

A 5th grader in Lafayette has decided he wants to save the world one fork at a time. The funny thing is that he might actually do it! His name is Julian and he noticed something one day while he was at school. The majority of the trash he saw at was plastic utensils and it really bothered him. He decided to see what he could do about it and approached the principal and his science teacher. From there he teamed up with the PTA president that overseas the lunch program.

The school and the PTA checked into removing plastic utensil from the school and replacing them with metal utensils.  After calculating the costs they discovered they would actually be SAVING money in the long run if they switched. That was a year ago and today the idea has become a reality. Their school’s lunch provider agreed to make the switch and the school installed a new sink for washing the silverware in the cafeteria.

About 50,000 plastic utensils a year will stay out of a landfill because of this one school and it’s already starting to catch on. Another bay area school in Orinda plans on implementing the program soon. Julian says, “I’m hoping we can at least get this district wide and it would be amazing if I could go state wide.”

Way to go Julian! Let’s get every school on board in California.


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