Easter Orange Glazed Ham

By 965koit on March 20, 2018

A Delicious Easter Ham is a traditional and simple Holiday Recipe that will please the whole family.  Settle down to friends and family with this wonderful dinner after you open your Easter Basket!


Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F.

Place ham in a large roasting pan (fat-side up). Score the ham with cuts across the skin, about 2-inches apart. Cut diagonally down the slashes to form a diamond pattern and season generously with salt and pepper.

Chop 8 of the sage leaves and mix with the oil in a bowl to make a paste. Rub the sage-oil all over the ham, especially in the slits and Bake the ham for 2 hours.

For the orange glaze: Place a saucepan over medium heat. Add butter, oranges, orange juice, brown sugar, water, and spices. Slowly cook for 30 minutes or more until you have a syrupy glaze.

After the ham has been cooking for a couple of hours, pour the orange glaze all over it, fruit and all. Scatter the remaining sage leaves on top and put the ham back in the oven and continue to cook for 11/2 hours, basting with the juices every 30 minutes.

Scatter the carrots around the ham and coat in the tangerine glaze. Put the ham once again back in the oven and cook for a final 30 minutes, until the carrots are tender and the ham is dark and crispy

Set the ham on a cutting board to rest before carving. Serve the carrots and orange glaze on the side.

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