Would You Eat 3000 Year Old Cheese?

By 965koit on August 20, 2018

People are weird and the internet is even weirder. Last month there was a story about archaeologists uncovering an Egyptian tomb with a red liquid inside of it that turned out to be sewage. The internet’s first reaction was to drink the sewage. They even started a petition to get them to let them drink the red sewage. What is wrong with people?

Now they have uncovered something else, 3000 year old moldy cheese. Why there was cheese inside of a tomb we have no idea but it does make me curious as to what cheese tasted like back then. There hasn’t been a petition to eat the cheese yet which is probably good because scientists say that the bacteria on it would most likely kill you. However, people are already talking about trying to eat it anyway. I just threw out cheese that had 2 day old mold on it from my fridge! People are gross.

You can see the original story HERE


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