If You Only Eat One Vegetable, Make It This One.

By 965koit on May 16, 2018

Kids are notorious for not eating their vegetables but let’s be honest, some adults (me) don’t like them either. Now I’m not saying I hate ALL vegetables but I certainly have a narrow list of ones that I’ll eat. Luckily for people like you and me, you don’t NEED them all. In fact, you only need this one vegetable.

Broccoli. If you are going to eat only one vegetable, make it broccoli. Of course if you want to eat others you can because they all have benefits. But according to a doctor in the UK you can get away with eating only broccoli because of its benefits. It’s really high in Vitamin K and it promotes healthy gut bacteria that can help your immune system. Plus it also is part of the vegetable type that lowers cancer rates, especially lung and colon cancer.  A healthy gut has also been shown to lower you risk of mental health issues as well.

So suck it up and eat your broccoli.

Read the original article in the NY Post.

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